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Civil Works And Construction Tenders - Subscription Payment Options

Q What are the payment options?
Global Tenders Global Tenders Notifications We offer different payment options.

Through Credit Card: You can may payment through PAYPAL

Global Tenders Global Tenders Notifications Citibank Global Transfer

If you have a Citibank Account you can transfer the amount to our Account instantaneously. Our Account details are:

Account Name: World Info Pages
Account No: 0005244544
Citibank Branch: Indore

Global Tenders Global Tenders Notifications SWIFT Transfer (Kindly Fill MT103 Form)

Currency: US Dollars
Field 56 (Intermediary Institution/Correspondent Bank/Banco Corresponsal)-
Bank Name: Citibank, New York

Field 57 (Beneficiary Bank / Banco Beneficiario)
Bank Name: Citibank NA
Nostro Account No.: 36241797 (Must mention)
SWIFT Code: CITIINBX (Must mention)
Branch: Indore
Bank Address: UG-1 Apollo Square, 7/2 Race Course Road, Indore 452007, India

Field 59 (Beneficiary Customer / Cliente Beneficiario) -
Beneficiary Name: World Info Pages (Must mention)
Account No: 0005244544 (Must mention)
Beneficiary Address: 502 Chetak Centre, 12/2 RNT Marg, Indore-452001 (MP) India

Global Tenders Global Tenders Notifications NEFT Transfer (National Electronic Funds Transfer) - through Indian Banks

Account Name: World Info Pages
Account Number: 0005243548
Account Type: Current
Bank IFSC Code: CITI0000020
Bank Name:Citibank NA
Bank Address: PG-1 Apollo Square, 7/2 Race Course Road, Indore 452007, India
Global Tenders Global Tenders Notifications You can send a Cheque/Demand Draft in favour of "World Info Pages" payable at Indore, India to:

Kind Attn.: Anuj Bhargava
World Info Pages
A-13 Uptown Apollo,
Apollo DB City, Nipania
Indore - 452016 (MP)

Mo. +91.7389812767, +91.9425963662
  If you have any questions/queries please contact us.
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