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Tender Details
Organization Details
Organization Name:
AIAS-Administração de Infraestruturas de Água e Saneamento
Av. Eduardo Mondlane 1352, 4 ° andar,

Telefone. +258 21 303339
Fax: +258 21 303341

Contact Person :
Tender Details
Tender Notice Type: Prequalification
Bidding Type: International
Tender Notice No: Prequalification nr: 02/CCCP/WORKS/14


Invitation for Prequalification


Adaptation to climate change in Beira/Mozambique: Rehabilitation, Extension and Operation of the Urban Water Drainage System
KfW Project No. 29965


The Government of Mozambique has received a grant from the German Government through the KfW in Frankfurt toward the cost of the Rehabilitation, Extension and Operation of the Storm Water Drainage System of Beira/Mozambique and it intends to apply part of the proceeds of this grant for payments under the contract for Drainage Rehabilitation Works For The Chiveve River In The Beira City.

The AIAS-Administração de Infrastuturas de Água e Saneamento intends to prequalify firms for:

1. Lot 1 - Cleaning works and rehabilitation as storm water drain and
Establishment of a Sludge Disposal Dump "Cerâmica", outside of Beira

2. Lot 2 - Construction of a tidal outlet and dredging works

Lot 1: Cleaning works and rehabilitation as storm water drain

The Rio Chiveve in Beira City has the effect of storm water drain. Rehabilitation measures are required on a length of 1.300 m of the course of the Chiveve River and will include: (i) Mangrove tree cutting, about 1.300 units; (ii) Collection, removal and disposal of scattered waste in this area, 2.500 m3; (iii) Removal of sludge (river sediments), with transport to sludge disposal site 55.000 m3; (iv) Profiling of approximately 30.000 m2 of slopes; (v) Slopes rehabilitation works (rip/ rap, gabions and mattresses, or masonry), 5.000 m2; (vi) further related earthworks and some civil structures repairs, demolition works; (vii) Replacement of existing public service supply lines (at location of crossing bridges); (viii) Construction of a sludge deposit (embankment works 10.000m3, fencing, drains, operational roads). Sludge coming up from the cleaning works Rio Chiveve shall be disposed on a sludge disposal site, located outside of the City Beira (area size about 1.8 ha).

Lot 2 – Construction of a tidal outlet and dredging works
In the Lot 2 the following main works will be performed:
1) Discharge channel and Bridge
• Earth works and / or demolition works on part of the bottom slab of the slipway (10,000m3)
• Pile foundations
• Reinforced concrete works (1,500m3)
• Technical building installations, Mechanical & electrical installations

2) Dredging works
It is planned, to dredge parts of area of the fishery port.
• Pre-and post-bathymetric measurements
• Dredging works of approximately 45.000 m³ of harbour mud and dumping of material.

3) Road works related to implementation of tidal outlet
• Demolition and earthworks
• Construction of a road drainage system, installation of kerbstones.

It is expected that invitations for bid will be made in September 2014
Prequalification will be conducted through prequalification procedures specified in the World Bank’s Guidelines: Procurement under IBRD Loans and IDA Credits, January 2011, and is open to all bidders from eligible source countries, as defined in the guidelines.

Interested eligible Applicants may obtain further information from and inspect the prequalification document at the Administração de Infraestruturas de Água e Saneamento from 7:30a.m to 3:30p.m (local time). A complete set of the prequalification document in English Language may be purchased by interested Applicants (a) on the submission of a written application to the address below and upon payment of a nonrefundable fee of MZN4,500.00 (four thousand and five hundred Meticais local currency) or US$150.00 (hundred fifty American Dollars]. The method of payment will be cash or bank transfer. AIAS may send the prequalification documents by courier (DHL).

Applications for prequalification should be submitted in sealed envelopes, delivered to the address below by 10:00 am (local time) of July 16, 2014 and be clearly marked "Application to Prequalify for Drainage Rehabilitation Works For The Chiveve River In The Beira City, Invitation For Prequalification nr: 02/CCCP/WORKS/14.

AIAS-Administração de Infraestruturas de Água e Saneamento
Av. Eduardo Mondlane 1352, 4 ° andar, Maputo
Telefone. +258 21 303339 ;
Fax: +258 21 303341;
Deadline: 16 July 2014; 10:00 hrs.
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